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VisionGrid for Enterprise


Providing scalable analysis and governance of unstructured data across disparate and distributed file shares, desktops and collaboration sites.


VisionGrid enables companies to discover, analyze and act on data to increase data privacy, data protection and overall compliance.

Profiles sensitive data patterns

Analyse and tag clusters


Automated Trigger for Accuracy


The solution is built on a 3-step automated process that utilises identification, classification, and tracking of information assets.

Continuously Learn and Match Sensitive Data


Choosing which data to best protect is impossible, but classifying data and tracking its contextual behavior is. VisionGrid was developed to cluster and match sensitive data patterns continually.

Handle Big Data


VisionGrid sorts through large amounts of data in a short amount of time using advanced technology that focus scans on areas of interest.  All files, all formats, all protected.   VisionGrid alerts when it identifies patterns and outlier behavior of sensitive data clusters.

Detecting what’s sensitive and what’s not, is not an option… until now.

Trigger security system compliance operations and data access control

Discover the Unknown and Mitigate Risk