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Inforeye's innovative approach to data discovery and curation utilises visual recognition technology and artificial intelligence to help enterprises track and govern all their data, both Structured and Unstructured.

Yellowfin, provides next generation business intelligence (BI), dashboard, reporting and data analysis, enabling reporting from data stored in relational databases, multi-dimensional cubes or in-memory analytical databases.  The solutions are cost effective, have the lowest cost of ownership and the best user adoption in the market


Orion & Associates partners with leading software vendors to deliver  Orion &commercially competitive solutions, services and consultancy to meet the specific needs of its clients. 

Tamr’s patented software fuses the power of machine learning with your knowledge of your data to automate the rapid unification of data silos (structured and semi structured) at scale.


What new insights could you find if data unification was no longer the bottleneck?  Highly productive, Tamr significantly reduces integration projects by up to 90%.

MyLife Digital provides organisations and individuals with a trusted platform built on security, convenience and control for Personal Data Management. We ensure you can organise who can see it, who can share it and what can be done with it – aligned to the latest data protection legislation.


We help you unlock the potential and value of this data, whether this is by delivering informed insight from informed consent to support better life decisions or to simply manage all your data in one safe place. This is done by using a highly trusted, secure technology platform called Concentric, which stores, protects and analyses data.

GMA’s solution is a Sharepoint "plug in" with a pre-built framework that will enable organisations to document information such as their data sources, data storage, privacy and security policies.



  • Policies and procedures relating to data protection

  • Types of personal data are processed and which ones are considered sensitive

  • How personal data is collected 

  • How and where Personal/Sensitive data it is stored 

  • Which third parties the data is shared with

  • Procedures for responding to a Subject Access Request (SAR) from an individual within a fixed deadline of 30 days

  • Inform the regulator about any Breaches within 72 hours


TermSet ScanR  scans File Shares, O365, SharePoint, Google Drive, Databases, DropBox, One Drive, CRM, etc.

  • Supports Data Discovery and the “Right to be Forgotten” 

  • Automatically scans, identifies and retrieves all personal information in all documents stored within multiple systems.

  • Delivers an interactive dashboard to score the level of risk and exposure for identifiable personal information and subject access requests.

  • Sensitive documents can be identified and workflows can be initiated for routing, classification, governance and quarantine purposes.