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The Single View of Permissions

Consentric Platform is based on Privacy by Design principles and adheres to the latest data protection legislation. Consentric Permissions delivers:

Single Source of Truth for Permissions  

  • One repository, managing customer permissions across the organisation


Enhances Customer Experience and Trust

  • Self-Service via each customer touch point (contact centre, web, app, etc.)

  • Privacy Statement Library

  • Receipt delivered at each change of permissions

  • Transparent

  • Differentiates from your competitors 


Full Auditability  

  • Each change logged, recalls consolidated record 

  • Confidence based Marketing

  • Individuals Permissions integrated within each customer application (CRM, Campaign, Email, etc.) ensures confidence based marketing 


Security by Design

  • No P.D. held within the Solution

  • Single Sign On

  • Administration Right & Privileges