Do You Really Know ?

Data is not always where you believe it to be. Overtime adhoc data repositories appear, often departmental or even employee, originally to service a specifc need and then in continuence..... 

  • Do you really know who your customers are? All of them? Across every product or service line?

  • Do you leverage your data to optimise procurement spending across thousands of vendors, expedite R&D life cycles, improve workforce management and logistics delivery ?

  • These are just a few of the countless opportunities to significantly enhance business and operations. 



While traditional data integration solutions focus on top-down, rules-based methods to integrate and clean disparate, dirty datasets, our solutions from Tamr and InforEye deliver a bottoms-up, machine learning-based approach. This enables the rapid construction of unified views of any entity – from customers to suppliers to products.


Tamr's core capabilities include:

  • Connecting data sources across an organisation to align relevant datasets to a unified schema

  • Cleaning the unified dataset through entity deduplication and mastering

  • Classifying records within the clean, unified dataset to a client-provided taxonomy for more robust downstream analysis

  • Delivering scalable analysis and governance of unstructured data across disparate and distributed file shares, desktops and collaboration sites, to increase data privacy, data protection and overall compliance.

  • Combining the power of machine learning with your knowledge of your structured and semi-structured data to automate the rapid unification of data silos, at scale, delivering up to 90% productivity gain for data prep tasks.

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